The installation of the bathtub is more exquisite,

After a busy day, he walked into the bath of the bathroom which was carefully arranged. It can be seen that the bath is no longer limited to pure clean body, but a quality life in pursuit of physical and mental comfort. After that, how to install the bathtub is a problem.


The bathtub may be the desire of everyone to plan and decorate. From a practical point of view, if there are old people and children in the family members, the bathtub is safer and more comfortable. But setting up a bathtub in a limited bathroom is a headache, and then finding the right size and satisfactory function will start early.

1.different Huxing, choose different bathtub


Most of the concessions to give up bathtubs, mostly because the domestic bathroom is generally small, even if the overall size of the house is not small, but the bathroom is still cramped. Therefore, the first step of choosing the bathtub is whether it can be realized. The regular bathtub length is between 1500~1800mm, which is a more comfortable dimension. The width is less influenced by 700~750mm. But most manufacturers will have special size products to allow small space to accommodate bathtubs.

For the more common square bathrooms, doors are in a corner, and the original drainage layout of the building can be seen. Even if you do not arrange the bathtub, you can see that the bathroom space and the toilet have a cross. If you do the routine partition, the toilet is used when the toilet is used. In addition to enjoying the bath, parents can also use the bathtub to bathe the children conveniently. When bathing, they can play to dispel worries that children are afraid of bathing.

Without changing toilet drainage, the toilet will turn counter clockwise 90 degrees, and the original shower area will be changed into a bathtub. Although the length is lower than the standard only 1200mm, but the depth is increased, the storage capacity increases, even if the adults use it is also more comfortable. The small size bathtub is mostly acrylic and light in weight, so there is no need to worry about rebuilding bearing. Compared with cast iron and steel glaze bathtub, the drawback is low wear resistance, normal use will have scratch, low impact resistance, normal use without obstruction, avoid the use of sharp contact.

If the bathroom area is large enough, considering the bathtub at the same time, we need to consider the shower. If the toilet affects the overall layout, there is no need to worry. Whether using a common toilet + shifter, or using a concealed tank and a closestool, it is a priority to solve the layout problem. It is worth the transformation compared to the waste space and the use of the later years.

With shower area, the bath faucet can use a single faucet without water sprinkler and water injection. In pursuit of the shower experience, you can choose a variety of sprinklers with a variety of water patterns. If it is an air injection, besides the bath experience, you don't have to worry about wasting hot water for a long time. In pursuit of durability, quality and comprehensive properties, cast iron enamel and steel enamel are preferred. In addition to the conventional embedded structure, corners, aliens and independence also have a choice. The price is slightly higher than that of acrylic.

2.different bathtubs, find different installation

Bathtub installation, first of all, need to understand the form of bathtub placement. There are two types of independent and embedded baths, which are placed on the bathroom floor directly on the shelf. This method is convenient for construction and easy to repair. It is suitable for the selection of the ground after the ground is finished.

And embedded bathtub is the bathtub embedded or partially embedded into the table, embedded bathtub compared, easy to import and export, suitable for the use of the weak.

The independent bathtub is easy to install. The installation of the inlet and outlet is the key problem. Before installation, you should reserve or modify the tub outlet and other channels, then put the bathtub on the two pieces of wood, connect the water, try to water in the bathtub, check whether the water leakage. If there is no leakage, the strips can be taken out. The basic installation of the bathtub is completed.

The key of embedded bathtub installation is to do waterproof. The main steps are, after a good bathtub pipe, in order to achieve the effect of waterproof to make up the focus of the slot, the best in one or two days to detect whether the leakage of water, the normal order to lay the ground, the use of foam brick embedded bathtub, the height is generally within 60cm, pay attention to the position of 250x300mm in the lower pipe. A constant size repair hole.

Check the level of the bathtub, front and back position is suitable, check the drainage facilities are suitable, the installation is stable, the installation process of the bathtub and water facilities to prevent dirty, anti bump, anti blocking facilities, the spark of the corner mill, spot welder do not splash on the bathtub, it will cause damage to the glaze, affect the bathtub Beautiful。

In addition, the installation of the massage bathtub must be equipped with grounding wire and leakage protection switch, when the installation is attached to the electric plug, it is waterproof around the cushion plate to avoid leakage accidents. Before connecting the water pipe, the motor should be electrified to test whether its voice meets the requirements.

Before installing the bathtub with the support, check the surface of the bathtub to be flat. After placing the bathtub in the reserved position, the support foot nut should be adjusted to the level and until the bathtub level.

Pay attention to the bathtub protection, in the bathtub installation and house decoration process, can use soft material to cover the bathtub surface, do not stand on the bathtub, or place heavy objects on the edge of the bathtub, in order to prevent damage to the bathtub. 24 hours after the installation of the bathtub, it can be used.